Aviation safety is our main priority!
Fleet of our airline: Ilyushin IL-76TD - 4 aircrafts
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About Us

FLY SKY AIRLINES LLC is constantly working to improve the level of flight safety and the quality of the service provided. Reliability and safety issues in the airline is a priority; the work of all services and units is directed towards their achievement. The staff of the flight and engineering complexes consists of highly qualified personnel. All flight safety and aviation security requirements and the requirements of regulatory documents of the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine and ICAO Standards & Recommended Practices are strictly implemented.

Competent management and high professionalism of a friendly team is one of the main advantages of the airline. Therefore, the management believes that the hopes and plans of FLY SKY AIRLINES LLC will be realized due to the symbiosis of the energy, determination, experience and high qualifications of its employees, and most importantly, their cohesion and ability to work in a team.


Maximum take-off weight: 190 t Maximum payload: 50 t
Empty weight: 88.5 t Fuel capacity: 109 000 l
Aircraft length: 46.6 m
Wingspan: 50.5 m
Wing Area: 300 m2
Aircraft height: 14.7 m
Diameter of the fuselage: 4.8 m
Quantity x engine type: : 4xTRDD
Engine: D-30KP, ser. 2
Maximum thrust (МСА, H = 0), kgf: 12 000
Flight Performance
Cruising speed: 750-780 km/h
Flight height, m: 9 100 - 12 100
Flight range with payload: 40 t, km 4 900
Take-off run, m: 1 700
Mileage length, m: 930
Width, m: 3.45
Height, m: 3.4
Volume, m2: 321
Aircraft calendar resource: 20 years
Number of flights: 10 000


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